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Top 3 reasons why companies should switch to managed service agreements

Here are the top three reasons why companies should consider making the switch to managed service agreements: Reduced Costs – The first and biggest reason to switch to a managed services agreement would be spending less money. Rather than spending on unnecessary travel and accommodations, a dispatched worker can be sent to multiple locations instantly and you’ll only pay for the actual work being done. Good-bye to all the extra costs, hello to efficiency. Reduced Confusion – You’re not just saving money; you’re saving sanity by giving yourself a single point of contact to deal with rather than multiple contacts in multiple departments. Also, with a managed services agreement, you can guarant

Quick Tip

Many of us use the Windows taskbar as a way to quickly launch our day to day programs. Opening these programs is as simple as a click, but there is an even easier way to launch programs from your taskbar with simple keyboard combinations! Every program to the right of the start button is assigned to its own numerical shortcut with the first program being “1”, the second being “2” and so on, all the way to the 10th taskbar shortcut, which uses “0”. Pressing the Windows key, plus the number of the program you want to open, launches it. Use this to speed up your workflow!

Happy International Backup Day!

You didn’t know that was today? That’s because every day is International Backup Day. Think of it this way: “What happens if my hard drive fails?” is the wrong question. All hard drives fail. The question is: When my hard drive fails, what will I do? This is why you need to back up your stuff, ideally in more than one way. Your backups should be spread out both in space and in time. Space: Local and offsite backups It doesn’t do you much good to back up your computer to a portable hard drive if that gets stolen along with your computer. On the other hand, if all you have is a cloud backup, restoring your data can take a really long time. So you want both a local backup and an offsite/cl

What are your Technology Goals

We use our technology in our offices, and homes as a tool to complete tasks and make our life just a bit easier, but just like we have goals for ourselves, we too should have goals for our technology. Goals such making an assessment of specific technology strategies with the potential to improve the training and efficiency of staff. Goals to identify, prioritize, and incorporate the use of technology to achieve company objectives. Goals to understand how you use technology to access and analyze information from a wide variety of sources including the Internet. Having the goal in mind to look develop these areas of how you use technology in your company can led to innovative strategies, and p

Autotask Workplace has got your Back'up

Is your computer backed up? Backing up important or sensitive documents can be a serious game changer for your business. Autotask Workplace is a great tool available to QC customers that provides a collaborative workspace and continuous version backup & control of your documents via a cloud based service. There is no price for peace of mind! If you’re not sure if you’re all backed up or you want to get started with your cloud, give us a call at our office and we’d be more than happy to help get you set up.

What is Malwarebytes?

Malwarebytes is primarily a scanner that scans and removes malicious software, including rogue security software, adware, and spyware. MBAM scans run in batch mode, for detection and removal of malware software that has already been installed onto a computer, and we manage its real-time scanning policies to reduce interference with other software running on the computer. Recently, Malwarebytes has just released its 3.0 version. This includes malware, ransomware, exploit, and malicious website protection. Malware is malicious software, used to disrupt computer or mobile operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer systems, or display unwanted advertising. Malware

Tips to Increase the Life of your Solid-State Drive

Filling your drive to capacity will likely cause performance to suffer. Fill to no more than 85% capacity and leave 15–25% empty. At least 15% free space is needed for disk caching and self-maintenance. The computer needs to use disk space to manage running applications and data on the drive. When you go below 15%, the available cache space is smaller, so the computer cannot complete tasks as quickly and efficiently. This extra work can put an added strain on the drive and cause premature wear on the drive. Don’t Defrag Defragging is a very important chore for a conventional spinning hard disk drive (HDD). This is because the mechanical arm can only collect data from one location at a time a

Capture Pop-ups

Many times, when you get a popup or see an unfamiliar screen you want to copy it and save or send a picture to support. A good trick is to hold the “ALT” key while you hit the “print screen” key. Doing this will just copy the highlighted window or message and not the entire screen or multi screens. This is much easier to read and much neater to paste into an email. This is also useful when creating a how-to document or other instructions.

The Do's and Dont's of Passwords

There are plenty of rules telling you what not to do with your passwords: Never use the default password that comes with a device or an account. Always change it! Do not use dictionary words in passwords! Do not use keyboard patterns! Don’t use the same password in different places! Don’t store your passwords in or near your computer! There are lots of “don’ts” here. They are good advice, but what should you do in order to have strong passwords that you can still remember? Some possibilities: You can use a sentence (that only YOU know) as a guide, picking the first letter of each word: Ycuas(toYk)aag,ptfloew: You can string four or more words together and substitute several characters, so


It's 2017 Its 2017 and cyber crime is on the rise! Ransomware is dangerous and can sneak in to your system via temporary internet files and email attachments. During maintenance in recent weeks, we have noticed more and more temporary internet files being stored up from browsing the internet, so just be cautious about about which websites you visit and where your emails are sent from before you open any attachments! From the Help Desk What is ransomware and what can we do about it? Ransomware is malware that encrypts (scrambles) your files so that you can't open them, and then demands payment in order for you to get your decrypted files back. Recent examples include the San Francisco Muni Cl


1. REMOTE MONITORING - Faster, more accurate resolution - Increased productivity - Reduced service costs - Increased customer/end-user satisfaction 2. PROACTIVE SERVICE - Regular preventive maintenance - Less system crashes less down time 3. REMOTE ADMINISTRATION - Reduced down time during system shutdowns and restarts - Reduced wait time for administrative tasks 4. REMOTE SUPPORT - Systems can be fixed while you watch - FREE PHONE SUPPORT - Always a live tech 6. EXPEDITED RESPONSE - Prioritized ahead of walk-in/call-in customers 7. LEVEL IT EXPENSE BUDGET - Predictable monthly IT costs

Contract Client Referral Program

Quality Computer is always looking for one or two new clients similar to our current customers. We value our long time clients for their appreciation of our services and commitment to our company. Quality Computer is constantly growing in size as well as technology systems. This is why from time to time we need to take on new managed services clients. We find that the best source for good clients is from the referrals of our current clients. Currently Quality Computer is offering not only a 10% discount on monthly services for the new client but a 10% monthly discount for the referring client. If you have a reputable business associate who wants the best possible IT service available a


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