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From the Times 2007

Quality Computer Businesses both large and small live by the phrase “time is money” and can’t afford to be faced with computer “downtime” due to software or hardware problems. The professionals at Quality Computer, located in Redwood City at 2744 Broadway, phone (650) 364‑4650, are computer specialists who offer the support and service needed to keep your system up and running. In today’s highly competitive and technical world, computers have become a vital part of our success. Protect your valuable investment by having your computer system checked by this reputable firm. Along with preventive maintenance, Quality Computer offers a complete line of computer support services. These profession

Why is Managed Services Important?

Networks left unmonitored and unmanaged lead to critical failures that cause a decrease in client productivity, which can negatively affect client revenue. Many clients are not exposed to minor problems in their network which can lead to critical failures that cause network downtime. With managed services, these issues will be resolved proactively by the service provider with reasonable and satisfactory response times. This also leads to increased operational efficiency and minimized downtime. Clients are able to focus on running their businesses with the peace of mind that their environment is being monitored 24/7/365.


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