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Lets Run the Numbers

An IT Manager’s Average Base Pay is $97,792/yr. or $8,149.33/month; that’s not including health, benefits, and additional drains to company resources. Now what if I told you could get more, without spending more? At Quality Computer, you get a single monthly amount based off your company’s needs, with which you get full support from our trained staff, IT Field Technician $40K, IT Help Desk Technician $44K, IT Specialist $62K, IT Support $52K, and Network Engineer $77K. Put it all together that’s $275K! So, when you choose Quality Computer instead of hiring an internal IT Technician you are essentially getting $178k in additional value. Now those are some numbers I think we can all boast abou

Our Techncians

All our technicians are hand picked and trained in house. They are also trained through classes with Microsoft, NT Computing, CompTIA, and A+. We have technicians certified in all areas of PC repair and Networking. Give them a call and see how they can help you today! (650) 364-4650

Our Professional Partners

Network and voice cabling, We use several local cabling companies with whom we have developed a long-standing relationship. They provide on time and accurate service with a professional attitude. Custom Database work, We have several database specialists that we have worked with for many years on many projects and are able to roll out some impressive data collection and management programs for our clients Website Design and Hosting, We have been working with Find Fast for the past Seven years and are very happy with the quality and professional service that they provide to our clients. So lets all get to work and see how we can improve your bussiness today!

Our Suppliers

To provide the best quality parts and accessories we purchase our products either direct from the manufacturer or through the most reputable resellers such as Dell, and Microsoft. To save our clients money we will use our reseller status with many manufacturers to get the best possible price for the customer. By using only direct supply channels or well-established suppliers we are able to assure that there will be after sale support of products that we provide.

Serving Small Bussinesses for 25 Years!

Quality Computer has been serving small and medium sized businesses in the local bay area for since 1992. On Site service, We have a fleet of service trucks on the road everyday providing service on site for our customers. Service Contracts, We provide a full range of service contracts for our business customers. Our Customers Our customers are our biggest assets. We have a long list of clients many that have been with us for our entire 25 years in business. Our Goals Our goal is to provide the best quality service at affordable rates. We use the best quality parts and materials. At Fees You Can Afford We can often save you more than the cost of our service alone. So why not call us today?

From the Help Desk

What does your computer do when you walk away from it? You may think it does nothing, but nothing could be further from the truth. The operating system continues to run background tasks, and crucially, it also constantly checks to see if someone is telling it what to do. That someone could be you, or it could be malware. It is important to save all documents, close all applications, and Log Off (don’t just lock your screen) at the end of every work day. Leaving your applications and systems open at the end of the day entails significant security risks and leaves your work systems open to data loss and corruption. Security patches cannot be applied, backups are delayed, and automatic restar

Stressed Out?

The definition of stressed out is being anxious, tired and irritable because of too much work or pressure. An example of stressed out is the bad mood of someone who worked through the night and still hasn't finished a project. And the last thing you need when you're stressed out are problems with your computer, internet network, or cloud based files. At Quality Computer we want your technology to help you finish that project, and let us worry about the rest. Please comment if you have ever had something like this happen to you.

You are not alone with your I.T. Problems

I help Small Businesses who are frustrated with the technical issues which slow down their business every day. I talk to a lot of small business owners, and lately I'm hearing the two biggest problems are slow network speeds; and hard to solve complex technical issues. Do these problems sound familiar? Give me a Call: (650) 364-4650 ext. 5

What our customers say about us!

“I had multiple interactions with Jerry Krause. He has always provided solution to our problems and needs.” This survey was completed by Kevin Kim at Stem Cell Theranostics on 04/18/2017 07:03 AM. “Went above and beyond the call of service. Great Man” This survey was completed by Aldo Ceja at Sola Salon Studios on 05/16/2017 10:49 AM. “Great!” This survey was completed by Debbie Parraga at Redwood Mortgage on 08/31/2017 01:42 PM. “Jerry is always great because he understands that I am helpless when it comes to tech!” This survey was completed by Barry Judis at Redwood Mortgage on 04/05/2017 11:59 AM. “Great help and timeliness. Quite knowledgeable and when didn't know answer went to find it.


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