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How we welcome new Clients

When we onboard a new client, there are always specific problems facing the company which they want addressed quickly. Our priority is the needs of the client, and we make sure to take time to draw up a strategic action plan which not only addresses the urgent problems, but prevents the issues that can occur when people rush into a job. Our Network Specialists make a point to establish communication with the new client’s team through sharing our Help Desk phone line and Technician email addresses, and by educating them on our ticketing software. That way, every member of our client’s staff can come to us with issues and nothing goes ignored. We also send out a welcome email to the whole comp

Intrested in Working for Quality Computer?

Quality Computer is seeking qualified technicians who can support our growing client base. At Quality Computer, we value: Communication, Resoursefulness, Teamwork, Accountablity, and Customer Service. To become one of our "Quality" Techs you will need have already aquired your A+ Certification, or go through our in house training with the goal to aquire your certification. Our Techs are responcible for recording customer issiues in our Ticketing software, maintain an updated calander, and must follow instructions well. We are always seeking new Talent so apply today! Ask about our Support Technician Position. - Call us at (650) 364-4650 - or Email your Resumer to

What are you Building?

Being in the center of Silicon Valley, everyone is building and developing something. Weather it is new Dev Ops software, UI interfaces, or trying to launch the next Facebook, we all need help to reach the top. At Quality Computer we are here to help you grow, and protect your data which is your most valuable asset. At networking events, keynote speakers, or even at local coffee shops I hear Startups and VC’s talking about burn rates. What is a ‘Burn Rate’? well it is defined as the rate at which an enterprise spends money, especially venture capital, in excess of income. So, why burn money on internal I.T. staff when you get more by using trusted advisors in your area, like Quality Computer


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