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Policies for your Protection

Through our Remote monitoring software, we've set monitoring policies that report problems before they become problems. Our performance monitors check the CPU, Memory, and Diskspace of our clients Desktops and Servers to help us stay on top of issues that might end up slowing you down. Our Security Center monitors check the status of windows default security settings, and we actively maintain the monitoring of Symantec Anti-Virus on systems as well to maintain security of your network. Our Domain Controller monitors, actively report issues in the Event logs, which can detect and report any errors in Active Directory, The Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) service, Windows NT Director


If you change a password at work or a new device is purchased and installed, it is always a good idea to let the team here at QC know so that we have a record of the change. As your managed service provider, it can difficult to provide assistance when we don't have record of a previous password you may have been using, or the settings for a particular device. Don't hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a call anytime, we don't bite!

The Biggest Online Security Leak? A Weak Password.

We are told that we need to have different passwords for each online account, but the truth is that most people use the same or similar passwords for a lot of their accounts. And this might be OK for less important accounts, such as the account that lets you comment on your preferred news site, or a social media account that you don't use very often. But there is at least one account whose password is effectively the password for nearly all of your accounts. That is your email account. Someone who has your email password can use your email to RESET your other passwords and take over those accounts also. Because your email account is a single point of failure for your entire online securit


Today’s businesses rely on technology more than ever before. Innovations like cloud-based applications, VoIP, and mobile keep things moving... as long as they’re working properly. At the heart of all technology is the network. Without it... • Business stops • Communication stops • Transactions stop • Money is lost Network downtime can be a real-life nightmare for any business. Fortunately, Datto Networking has arrived to help businesses stop losing sleep over this issue. Datto Networking was designed with always connected networking - AKA “Network Continuity” - in mind. So what exactly is Network Continuity? Network Continuity is NEVER having to worry about your Internet service. That’s righ


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