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10 Common I.T. Problems

10 Common I.T. Problems

1. Blue Screen of Death

A blue screen is typically a sign of a hard drive failing, but not always. We recommend always calling us first, then restarting the system, if that is unsuccessful we will typically have a tech pick up the system to restore your data and transfer it over to a new hard drive, and return to you in proper working order with your data secure.

2. I can’t log in.

Password management is tricky, especially with all the passwords we have for everything online. We at Quality Computer help by keeping records of passwords for systems and emails to help in servicing these systems and programs. When a user is locked out or can’t sign in, they can always give us a call and we may be able to remind them or their password or assign a new password. This is one of the ways we help manage the security of our clients.

3. I accidentally deleted some files. Can I get them back?

It happens more than you think, and when it does you can be prepared. If you can't find a file on your computer or you accidently modified or deleted a file, you can restore it from a backup (if you're using Windows backup) or you can try to restore it from a previous version. Previous versions are copies of files and folders that Windows automatically saves as part of a restore point. Previous versions are sometimes referred to as shadow copies. We at Quality Computer also keep backups of files through Auto-Task work place.

4. My computer is too slow.

If you are running multiple programs and experience a lag, that is normal, and for this we recommend upgrading your system or we can install some performance parts such as additional RAM. However, for a system who may not be actively maintained, we have our maintenance department who run a host of anti-virus, anti-malware, and temp file removal programs which can significantly improve the performance of a system bogged down by neglect.

5. My computer shut down for no good reason.

A computer that suddenly shuts off or has difficulty starting up could have a failing power supply. It could be that the computer is not plugged into the electrical outlet or power strip properly and, if you’re unsure, test the outlet with another working device to confirm if there is adequate power. Devices’ power supplies can go bad and if you think your system has a bad power supply we keep an inventory of power supplies around for just that reason and can replace it at our shop.

6. The printer won’t work.

If your printer has ink, paper, and updated drivers, try unplugging it, then plugging it back in. If the problem continues, double-click on the printer icon on your taskbar and check to see what the printing queue says. You can also check your printer by going to Start > Devices and Printers, and confirming that the printer is available. If not, you would need to check how you connect to the printer, via Network, or USB. If USB, check the physical USB connection. If Network, we'd want to check that you are on the network, and that the printer is on the network. Sometimes this requires removing the device so that we can re-add it using its IP address.

7. My computer is making a grinding noise.