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Network Operations

Many times, when you get a popup or see an unfamiliar screen you want to copy it and save or send a picture to support. A good trick is to hold the "ALT" key while you hit the "print screen" key. Doing this will just copy the highlighted window or message and not the entire screen or multi screens. This is much easier to read and much neater to paste into an email. This is also useful when creating a how-to document or other instructions.

From the Help Desk

We've been hearing from a lot of our customers who are getting phishing attempts lately. Phishing happens when hackers contact you and "fish" for personal information. This can happen via pop-ups or emails on your computer, or by phone calls or texts.

Typically, you will get a message from "Microsoft" or "Best Buy" saying your computer or device is infected and asking you to call a phone number or click a link. If you call or click, they will ask you for personal information or tell you to set up a remote-control session so they can control your computer. This usually ends up with identity theft or with them demanding payment.

If someone you don't know is asking for your password, or asking for you to install a program or plugin on your computer, please stop and call us. It's far better to check and be wrong than to charge ahead and be victimized.

Thank you and take care!


Currently we are finding new ways of reaching out to potential clients and creating new service packages for potential clients to fit their company’s unique needs. We want to hear from our current clients as well about our services and are planning on rolling out surveys to hear your voices. Let us know how Quality Computer can better help you and others.

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