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Why Start-ups shouldn't do their own I.T.

Operating in Redwood City, and in the Silicon Valley in general, we are surrounded by new and exciting start-ups! However, I keep hearing the same comment when I talk to people about start-ups and the I.T. industry. "Start-ups are tech savvy, they can set everything up, or fix any user problem, they don't need I.T. they can manage it internally."

I disagree, and let me tell you why. Firstly, conventional internal I.T. is moving out of popularity as the growth of (MSP's) or contracted I.T. are proving to be more reliable and cost effective. Because contracted I.T. service providers usually have more staff and can invest in better software, they are better equipped to support clients. They can deliver on value to clients, for a fraction of the cost of having a Full-time employee who collects benefits and days off.

Secondly, if you didn't have a dedicated I.T. person, but think "Well out of all of us here we can surely solve any technical or network related issue," and you may be right. But is that what you are being paid to do? or build? If you have specialized coding or data base management skills, why should you be fixing a printer? Not having a dedicated person, or number to call when things aren’t working creates stress and confusion as every problem requires finding someone who can fix it, when the solution is only a call or click away.

Thirdly, I.T. elevates your business, in the way you can create organized email domains, backups, and support for every employee. No more, get organized and start your business off right.

In conclusion, why shouldn't start-ups do their own I.T.? It's a waste of time, money, and may reflect badly on their professionalism. Which is something these new companies can’t risk losing. That why we are here, to give you the support you need whether you are boot-strapping or moving into a corporate complex.

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