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Are your Happy with you Current I.T. support?

I talk to a lot of small business owners, and I hear a lot of them complain about issues with network speeds, slow systems, and a lack of service from their current I.T. support.

In one case, an office manager told me that her I.T. guy wouldn't respond to her calls for up to two days! Leaving her to field all complaints and issues from her team on her own with no support.

Onsite support would take weeks and often leave problems unresolved. The I.T. guy worked independently on pre-purchased hourly blocks. This system not only left gaps in what one person could provide with their time, but since the hours were pre-purchased, there was no incentive to solve the problem if they were paid. It makes more sense that they drag out projects to have the company purchase more time.

I was shocked to hear to hear that they were attempting an email migration to office 365, and that users couldn’t use their email, or were sharing accounts to complete work in the transition. It read as totally disorganized and showed a disregard for the client’s work, and for their responsibility to their clients.

Unfortunately, despite her disapproval, her boss and owner of the company was a friend of the I.T. guy and he didn't want to cut ties despite the poor service. I believe he is unaware of how bad things really are, and this may result in the loss of good people like our office manager due to frustration.

Don't let poor I.T. support create even more problems in your company.

Give us a call and let’s see if we can help you out:

(650) 364-4650


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