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How we welcome new Clients

When we onboard a new client, there are always specific problems facing the company which they want addressed quickly. Our priority is the needs of the client, and we make sure to take time to draw up a strategic action plan which not only addresses the urgent problems, but prevents the issues that can occur when people rush into a job.

Our Network Specialists make a point to establish communication with the new client’s team through sharing our Help Desk phone line and Technician email addresses, and by educating them on our ticketing software. That way, every member of our client’s staff can come to us with issues and nothing goes ignored.

We also send out a welcome email to the whole company which includes instructions for our Remote Agent. With the Remote Agent installed, a live tech can be with a client on their system in seconds and cut back on any delays in service. This also allows our Maintenance Staff to update and install the essential virus and malware protection/removal software to clean and repair system damage over years of potential neglect. This usually results in the biggest boost to system speed and overall network health, an improvement which can be felt by all users.

With these steps, we build up our relationship with our clients and can work with everyone on the bigger projects needed to resolve underlying issues with a client’s I.T. environment.

Interested in how QCC can welcome you?

Give us a call: (650) 364-4650


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