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Policies for your Protection

Through our Remote monitoring software, we've set monitoring policies that report problems before they become problems. Our performance monitors check the CPU, Memory, and Diskspace of our clients Desktops and Servers to help us stay on top of issues that might end up slowing you down.

Our Security Center monitors check the status of windows default security settings, and we actively maintain the monitoring of Symantec Anti-Virus on systems as well to maintain security of your network.

Our Domain Controller monitors, actively report issues in the Event logs, which can detect and report any errors in Active Directory, The Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) service, Windows NT Directory Services (NTDS), Group Policy, Windows Security Auditing, Network Policy Server, and the ntds database file.

And were hoping to launch our new Windows Patching Audit, which runs scripts to download patches for Windows Updates, Application Updates, Critical Updates, Security Updates, and Update Rollouts. Which based of an audit will configure over (815) available individual patches. However, as we plan this patch we are thinking ahead which updates, May Require Reboot, and May Require User Input. To account for this we plan to Wake all targeted devices 10 minutes before policy is due to start, and Reboot devices, if required, once policy concludes, and permitting rebooting if a USB Mass-Storage Device is connected at scheduled reboot time, on a Friday night as to avoid conflicts with anyone's work schedule. So be on the lookout from a message from us when we decide to launch our patch! And for those clients with deferred updates your patch will maintained personally by our maintenance team.


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