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Job Opportunities at QC

Quality Computer is reaching out more and expanding its client base, with this growth we are seeking talented, and motivated employees to maintain our level of quality support to our clients.

That is why Quality Computer is signing up for several events this spring to give candidates an opportunity to talk to a QC rep, and learn more about the positions QC is looking to fill.

Currently being; our Support Technician Job.

Support Technicians duties are:

1. Account managment

2. Employee On-Boarding

3. Desktop Assistance

4. Onsite Work

a. SMB Network Management

i. Cisco ASA

ii. Cisco Wireless access points.

iii. Cisco SMB Managed Switches.

5. User initiated Help Desk Requests

6. Help Desk Support for over 50+ SaaS Applications.

a. Based on a call rate of 20-25 calls of 2-5 minutes per call

b. Based on current call rate of 3-5 calls over 5 minutes per month.

Follow us online to see where we are going next to discuss this position or apply online, and email your resume to


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