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What are you Building?

Being in the center of Silicon Valley, everyone is building and developing something. Weather it is new Dev Ops software, UI interfaces, or trying to launch the next Facebook, we all need help to reach the top.

At Quality Computer we are here to help you grow, and protect your data which is your most valuable asset. At networking events, keynote speakers, or even at local coffee shops I hear Startups and VC’s talking about burn rates.

What is a ‘Burn Rate’? well it is defined as the rate at which an enterprise spends money, especially venture capital, in excess of income. So, why burn money on internal I.T. staff when you get more by using trusted advisors in your area, like Quality Computer. I just hope the VC’s don’t find out.

So, what’s your burn rate? Call us let’s see how Quality Computer help you bootstrap now and lay the ground work for future growth.


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